Turning concept into reality

Have you got a unique idea you want to bring to market? Do you need tooling models used in high volume production? If so then we can help you make it a reality. Using various 2D & 3D Modeling software we produce detailed 3D Models for bespoke and manufacturing purposes. Producing prototypes based off your 3D Model offers a more tangible experience and useful means for user feedback. We will advise you on a wide range of materials that models can be produced from and create working prototypes to help bring your idea a step closer to reality.

It's time to let us create your vision
We're here to fabricate concept into reality

Initial Briefing

We engage with our clients at an early stage in development to best understand the product.


Modeling & Design

We will make sure all aspects of design & production are taken into consideration during the design phase.



Now it’s time to turn our virtual models into something tangible we can present to you.


Review & Plan

Now we have our prototype, let’s begin planning the production stage.

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