Let us make your event memorable for years

We know how important your events are for you, therefore, we want to help you get the most out of your professional visual content. The most compelling images are the ones that make the viewer feel as though they were a part of the event. The event photographs we take can become high-quality marketing assets for your brand, the company, and the sponsors. Our photography team have a skill in recording experiences in a unique and creative way. 

You put a great amount of effort and money into your events so we want to give them the time and effort they deserve by photographing your staff and your attendees to capture your company looking its best and also photograph the venue to show the work and effort gone into making your event. Candid images should tell the story and capture the energy and emotion of your event. Our experienced photographers use multiple lights and angles to create images you will be excited to use for marketing and to share with colleagues, clients, and your boss. 

Don’t let all the amazing planning go to waste and make your event tangible with the help of our amazing photography team. Our high-quality photography and videography increases brand awareness, boosts online engagement and user acquisition, improves your sponsor’s return on investment and your customer’s overall experience. KOBBA can work event photography for clients both in Dublin, Ireland and internationally. 

Memories last a lifetime
Event photographs are forever


Our event photography centers around an event plan carefully drafted prior to commencement of the event.



From small events with one camera to large scale events with five cameras and lighting crew, we will deliver the perfect video for your event.


Post Production - Editing

Based on our event plan pre-event we can quickly determine the correct shots to capture and the editing process begins.



We produce final files for online and offline purposes based on your package choice.

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