Patryk Szafranski

CEO & Founder

Patryk Szafranski The Founder The CEO The Web Master The Creative

Nicola Wells

Marketing Specialist

Nicola Wells The Marketer The Strategist The Consultant

Ian Kingston

Non Executive Director

Ian Kingston The Non Exec The Business Coach The Mentor

Eliar Teimurov

Project Manager

Eliar Teimurov Project Manager Deadline Hunter Client Manager

Nazar Lobai

Adwords Wizard

Nazar Lobai Adwords Wizard CPC Campaigner Ad Performer

Wojciech Kucha

Senior Full Stack Developer

Wojciech Kucha The Coding Wizard The Genius The Senior Developer

Jong Zhe

Full Stack Developer

Jong Zhe The Full Stack Developer The Laravel Wizard The Vue.js Master

Pawel Politowski

Web Developer

Pawel Politowski The Web Developer The UI Designer The Graphic Designer

Mark Cusack

Consultant Operations Director

Mark Cusack The Operations Director The Productivity Expert The Growth Strategist

Aidan O'Driscoll

Business Development Consultant

Aidan O'Driscoll The Business Developer The Sales Machine

Stephen Kilcullen

3D Photography Expert

Stephen Kilcullen 3D Photography Expert The Smooth Operator