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We love working with brands that want to get noticed using social media marketing. We help brands to be heard above the noise and connect with their audience

We do this through comprehensive social media program including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, or a combination of the above, our social media strategy, content, management, advertising, and analytics services will help your brand achieve its business goals.

Regardless of your marketing vertical, your consumers are using social media on a daily basis. Kobba can help you create the buzz and increase traffic, leads and sales of your product, service or an event. Here are some of the clients we worked with.

Is your brand, product or service missing in action online?
We're here to get you noticed on Social platforms

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing strategy will help your brand tackle its goals with a sense of purpose. Let’s discuss your project and put a plan in place that will maximise its success.


Community Building

Whether you already have a booming business or you’re still mulling over a business idea, one of the prerequisites to lasting success is building a base of loyal customers and fans.


Campaigns & Promotions

From audience research, campaign set up to graphic and visual content creation. We can help you maximise your return on investment with social media ads.


Leads, Sales & Analytics

We specialise in building captivating landing pages that will generate leads and sales. We will monitor and report to keep you up to date and help you make better decisions.

Don’t build links. Build relationships.

We can help you reach your Social Media Marketing Goals on the following platforms:
Kobba - Social Media Marketing Agency
Kobba - Social Media Marketing Agency
Kobba - Social Media Marketing Agency
Kobba - Social Media Marketing Agency

Commercial video production is in part art, part technology, part expertise, and part magic. After many years in the business we’ve got all those parts covered, especially the magic.