Let's explore the possibilities of your indoor and outdoor spaces

Photography is an extremely effective way to quickly and beautifully communicate the atmosphere and feeling of any space to an outside audience. The photographer must capture the moments as they happen, or the opportunity is lost. Depending on the type of event, our photography team is well able and prepared to shoot inside a well-lit convention centre, a dimly lit conference room or outside at a barbeque. Whether your event setting is indoor or outdoor our team will be sure to capture the essence of the group. Our team is experienced working with a broad range of businesses to promote their spaces via our architecture photography services as well as exterior and interior photography services. When it comes to exterior photography, we can capture key structural components and important design features of the architectural structure. We’d be delighted to help to create successful marketing materials for interior designers, engineers, architects, decorators, contractors, hotels and product manufacturers. 

Professional photography is a vital part of successfully selling and advertising your business and ideas. High-quality images can visually assist you to develop your brand image and stand out amongst the competition. Capturing the important details of the design through precise camera angles allows creatives to display their work successfully to their selected target audience. KOBBA can work on interior and exterior photography for clients both in Dublin, Ireland and internationally.

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