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KOBBA specialises in designing, producing & promoting small- or large-scale events and experiential activations.

Our team will develop your event from inception, utilising 3d concept development, to making your creative vision come to life. We are a comprehensive solution and direct resource for all your event needs, from individual stands and large space exhibition coverage to custom builds, lighting & scenography to marketing.

Let us make your experiential dreams come true!


Event Design

Kobba specialises in Event Design as we can map out the event space/area and render in any object required to scale. The results are amazing – our customers benefit from reduced costs and improved quality of service, mainly which is the reduction in setup time as we have already planned the event layout ahead of date.

Event Promotion

“If you book them they will come”. Every event is not so simple so luckily our team have the knowledge and expertise to maximise your event promotion. We use our online and offline marketing expertise to promote all types of events.

Event Build & Set Up

Stage Two in the Event Production process is the build and fabrication of all aspects of the event design. From branded backdrops to giant props and event furniture, Kobba produces and installs all aspects of your event.

Audio & Visual

Bring any event to life with lighting and visual presentations. We have extensive experience and expertise in dealing with Audio & Visual to maximise our clients budget and produce a memorable event.


Create a memorable experience for all your guests with our unique sceneography techniques. We use some of the latest technologies for large scale events that make a big impact!

Furniture Supply

For large scale events we have a catalog of unique Italian built furniture for high end events. Create amazing seating solutions and VIP areas in any setting. The furniture is suitable for internal and external use.

Event Production aspects we can help you with
event design
event promotion
event build & set up
audio & visual
furniture supply

KOBBA specialises in designing, producing & promoting small- or large-scale events and experiential activations, contact us today and let’s get started.